Website Evaluation


This is for you if you have a WordPress website already built and you want to come on to one of my care plans. Your website may need a few tweaks but generally you are happy with it and not trying to do a re-design at this time. You may have had a bad experience with someone not supporting your site or you know you need support and help to take it to the next level.

An evaluation/audit is completed to make sure issues with the site are resolved and everything is okay. 2 hours of modifications after the evaluation is included in the cost and you can choose which items you want to prioritize (usually there is more than 2 hours of work to be done). This is just to bring your site up to a good standard so I can do a good job of supporting it, and when you sign-up for the care plan I am ready to support you. The 2 hours of included work will be completed within 1 week of the evaluation.

The Next Step

When you’ve paid for the evaluation you’ll receive an email requesting the following:

  • Your website address/URL
  • Your host login information
  • Your WordPress login info
  • and access to your Google Analytics.

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