The Raw Food Garden Planner
I have been working with Anita on various projects for a few years. Ever since she created my website, my colleagues in international networks have envied how I achieved a great looking, affordable website in no time. I believe that Anita’s work contributed greatly to the instant success of my new online business. Since then she has designed an ebook, a calendar, a newsletter and a range of graphic designs for me. She certainly has an eye for design, and all her work is very beautiful. Anita combines creative flair, professional expertise and support with a personal and approachable manner. I very much enjoy working with her. She has great communication skills and listens carefully to client needs – a rare find with web designers. She has the ability to convert ideas and dreams into reality and makes all the technical details look easy – in fact, I don’t need to bother with them at all. Anita is also price conscious and efficient, her work is organised and methodical, and she unfailingly completes work on time or even before. I wholeheartedly recommend Anita for designing and maintaining websites and of course all other graphic design work as well.

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