Website in a Week

The power of WordPress – simplified and affordable

Not in need of a custom website with all the bells and whistles? Would you rather bypass the formal consultation process? If so, you can get online fast with a pre-built website that includes all essential pages and features for only $120 per month.*

  • Select a theme from the list below, supply a logo, text and photos – I do all the rest. That’s it… couldn’t be easier!
  • Once your site’s set up you’ll be able to log in yourself and make whatever changes you like to the content.
  • The monthly fee includes annual domain registration and fast, reliable managed hosting.
  • In addition your website will be cared for, kept up-to-date, backed up regularly and kept secure.

The design and layout of your website will be based on one of flexible, high quality, mobile responsive WordPress cssigniter themes below. I’ll tailor the pages and colour scheme to match your brand. I’ll add your text and images to create a complete website just for you. Once you’ve decided on the look that’s right for you just click the button below to get started.

Request a Website in a Week - this will open up a simple form for you to fill in.

Click on the images below to check out the theme demos. They’ll open in a new tab so you won’t lose your place.

With your logo, images and text any of these sites can be made to suit your particular business, organisation or special interest. Colours can be changed to suit your branding – just enter your preferences in the form.

Choose your Website in a Week


Hotel theme


Trades theme


Restaurant theme


Business theme


Hotel theme


Business theme


Fitness theme


Blogging theme


Gallery theme

* Pricing, hosting, layouts and other details

The monthly cost applies for as long as you need the website (minimum 12 month tie-in). The price includes up to 8 pages plus a blog. You’ll be billed monthly (or quarterly or twice a year if you prefer) via automatic payment or invoice.

If you already have a domain name then you can use it for the new website. If you don’t have one I’ll provide a domain name for free. I’ll work with you to choose a suitable domain name based on what is currently available.

Your website will be hosted by i4design on an ultra-fast premium server. After the initial 12-month minimum tie-in you can move the website elsewhere and, if required, I will provide you with the files and database so that you can migrate it to your new hosting account.

While you will have full control over the content of your website, you will not be able to install additional themes or plugins.

Once the website is live I’ll provide up to 1 hour of free support per month. Any further support will be billable.

Your website can contain any or all of the pages and layouts from your chosen demo site. I can rename the pages (e.g. your Services page may be called ‘Products’), remove any pages you don’t need, and remove any sections from the page layouts shown on the demo. I can also adjust the main accent colours to suit your brand.

You can only have the layouts and features that are shown on the demo. This is because the Website in a Week websites are designed to follow a set format so that I can develop them more quickly without sacrificing on quality. If you need anything that isn’t shown on the demo then you might need to use my full web design service instead.

Is Website in a Week right for you?

I’ve designed ‘Website in a Week’ for people who need a cheap professional website design but are on a tight budget. The quality of these websites is just as good as the websites I design as part of my full web design service. The only difference is the lack of flexibility.

Website in a Week is right for you if:

  • You like the look of one of the demo sites.
  • You need a fairly simple website with a few pages of information – plus blog, if required.
  • You are willing to be flexible about the exact design and layout.
  • You need an information-based website without any specific functionality (other than what you can see on the demo).

If you’re not sure if ‘Website in a Week’ includes the features you need, get in touch and I’ll advise you.

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