A message to current clients – I’m stepping aside from generic offerings

Over the next few months, I’m changing the focus of my web design business.

Working for a variety of client types is a lot of fun. When done right, it’s also very rewarding – both for myself and the customer. The problem is that producing results for anyone and everyone hasn’t been the best “product” for my company.

From a purely business and focus perspective, there are other things I should be doing. It’s time for me to level up, refine my positioning, and take on more specialist projects, such as those in the manufacturing and industrial sector. To attract a new type of client base means offering an industry specific service at a higher price to a more targeted market.

Up until now, by offering low prices, I’ve been mostly attracting clients who are wanting simple brochure-style sites and who are not particularly interested in investing in the growth of their online profile or paying for intensive marketing, analysis and content creation. Something was “off” with the way I was doing things… I wasn’t charging enough and the format was wrong.

Of course, I won’t forget you or push you aside. When you became my client you became a part of my extended business family. You’ll be given equal attention and value, no matter whether you’re my biggest, smallest, oldest or newest client.

But… from now on I’ll be more focused on business owners who are looking for bespoke systems, specialist services and help with marketing and growth. The web design industry has changed, and now I need to step aside from low-cost offerings and leave that to the large players such as Squarespace, Wix and Weebly.

All the best, Anita

P.S. This is a truly exciting time for the web industry, and it’s a great time to honestly evaluate what my clients want and need. With that in mind, if you need a website with integrations and workflows that aren’t available within website builders made for the masses please get in touch because this is where I can help.

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