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Websites for Animal Carers, Wildlife Rehabilitators and Volunteers

Every day animals become sick, injured or orphaned, for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, some of these animals are given a second chance through the remarkable work of compassionate dedicated people who selflessly give their time, money and love to look after animals in need.

Being a wildlife carer, pet re-homer, or volunteer vet can be physically, emotionally and financially demanding. If you’re one of these people who cares for natives, pets or working animals, please get in touch… because I want to help.

That is, I can help with getting the word out about what you do and why you do it. I can help you to recruit volunteers, and last but not least – help you to raise much needed funds.

Offer to Animal Charities

I’ll waive the cost of your website design and development and even offer you free domain and hosting… saving you thousands. Once your new website is live I’ll look after it as your dedicated webmaster and support technician, for as long as you need me, for only $89 per month. No catches, no hidden costs. This is my way of saying thanks!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you aren’t seeing the information you need, please get in touch.

I’m not hiding anything. The design and development of your website will not cost you a cent. Neither will domain registration or hosting… ever. The Care Plan is a monthly cost of $89 and covers the on-going work required to ensure your website runs well, is as safe as it can be from hackers and spammers and is kept up-to-date.

In short: Not in the first 12 months. I provide a hosting platform that allows me to assure your website is backed up daily, assertively protected from nasty web gremlins, performance monitored and and priority supported if anything goes wrong. You are free to opt out of the Care Plan and move your website to another host after the initial 12 months.

Sure. I’ll be in touch to get the process started, let you know how we’ll be working together, and what I’ll need from you.

Yes! Absolutely. This service is perfect for those of you needing to replace an outdated website. It can be time consuming to migrate your existing content so please make sure you mention it in your notes when you fill out your application.

I’ll work with you to identify what’s not to your expectations and sort it out.

Once the website is live I’ll supply you with instructions on how to add and change content on your site. I’ll also provide you with some ‘next steps’ to keep it moving. A website is only one component of your overall marketing, and I have heaps of resources on hand to help you understand how to make your site earn its keep.