The costs of running a website – design, hosting and the rest

Domain Name Registration

This is an annual payment which holds a domain name for an individual or company. The cost varies depending on the suffix required (e.g. .com is more expensive than but is generally a small amount in total (around $40 per annum).

Web Site Hosting

To enable you to display your web site on the Internet you require a server to host your files. There is an annual payment to a Web Hosting Provider for this service. There are various providers, offering varying levels of service.

Web Site Design, Content & Creation

This is a one-off payment to a professional Website Designer, which can run into the thousands of dollars. The cost will vary, depending on the quality and features required. A site can be anything from a single page ‘brochure-style’ design to a multi-page, fully functional, dynamic website. The Designer can make most of the design decisions, but will need guidance as to the content, text, general overall style and layout.

On-Going Maintenance of the Site

Your website will need to be updated regularly. Changes will need to be made, new information added, and uploading to the server via FTP. The cost of this depends on the anticipated work load, and what level of maintenance you require.

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