How Content Marketing and SEO intertwine

Contrary to popular belief, content marketing and SEO do not compete with each other. Instead, they are two parts of a more holistic marketing plan. Content marketing and SEO intertwine within this plan to drive success. You cannot have strong SEO without having some form of content marketing. And while you can write and publish content on the web, for you to be truly successful at content marketing you need to utilize SEO.

Content marketing is the process of creating focused and compelling content. This content is generated with purpose and it is focused on serving a specific target market. A strong content marketing plan will include strategy, content creation, and promotion all concentrated on targeting potential customers. Content marketing focuses on the target audience, their needs, and the goal of building engagement.

SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization.” Websites are constantly competing for page one placement in the search engine results page. SEO includes a large list of checks and balances that are comprised of small modifications to process, content, code, and design. The higher the page or post ranks in search results, the greater the amount of visitors to the website. SEO focuses on keywords, building visibility in search, and driving greater website traffic.

You cannot have strong SEO without the creation of killer content. And you cannot reach the largest audience for your content marketing efforts if you don’t have solid SEO in place. A good marketer sees the value of utilizing both content marketing and SEO and using the two tactics to enhance the overall success rate of internet marketing efforts.

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