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Websites based on the specific needs of manufacturers.

Leverage the power of the internet and make your website a useful tool that adds value to your business. Turning your site into a portal for your customers, suppliers, staff, sales team and distributors will transform the way your business operates day-to-day. Your website can reduce your operating costs and increase productivity (thereby increasing profits). It can be used for far more than just marketing your product. A great website not only portrays quality, trustworthiness and efficiency - but also includes tools and functionalities that make it more than just an online brochure.

You demand high performance, efficient design, practicality, and minimal waste in your business - demand the same things from your website.



Are all your plans and diagrams on paper? Wouldn’t it be useful to display them online so that they’re available for all of your customers and engineers, no matter where they’re located? Click here to view information about how we can create professional interactive complex graph-based, chart-based or schematic diagrams and display them on your website.



Sell your products directly via your website. Set wholesale prices on your existing store and let wholesale customers order online. Special wholesale pricing can be set for products, minimum purchase amounts, tiered discounts, and you can control shipping separately from retail customers. Flexible configurations are available to suit your business model.



Good photographs form a big part of your site’s overall first impression. If you display high-quality images you can boost sales and improve your business. High-quality images build customer’s trust and confidence. They make your website easy on the eye, they show the world what your business is all about. Click here to view information about my photo service.

5 Custom Solutions for Manufacturing Websites

Industrial buyers need to know that you can perform the service they are seeking and that they have found a viable vendor. This means you need to have very detailed information about the manufacturing services that you offer, as well as in-depth content about materials used, achievable tolerances, dimensions, processes, production volumes, industries served and secondary services. Below is a

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What makes a great manufacturing website?

Your company’s manufacturing and industrial website is a sales tool Most business owners have realised that today’s websites need to be more than just a few pretty pages. With such a large part of today’s B2B buying process completed online, manufacturing and industrial websites are now marketing and sales tools. Marketing for manufacturers used to mean trade shows, conferences and

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Websites based on a MVP to ensure a return on investment… today

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) The first version of a product is often referred to as a Minimum Viable Product, or in other words, a product that has just the core features that make the product work. In other words, it’s the smallest thing you can build that maximizes on customer value while exerting the least amount of effort. Keep it

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Industrial website elements

  • Overview - About - Company History - The Team - Certifications
  • Products - Services - Project Profiles - Parts and Replacements
  • Manufacturing Process - Capabilities - Diagrams and Schematics
  • Request a Quote - Order Form - Location Map - Contact Form
  • Downloads - Manuals - Guides - Data Sheets - Brochures - Catalogue
  • Online Retail Store - Wholesale Ordering System
  • Photos - Videos - Customer Testimonials - Partner Logos
  • Support - FAQs - Terms of Service - Warranty Form - Shipping Info
  • Company Blog - News - Employment Opportunities
  • Health & Safety Register - Client Portal - Staff Portal

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