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  1. I’ll look at other sites you like (from a design perspective)
  2. I’ll create your own design
  3. I’ll code it up, add in specific features and functionalities
  4. I’ll combine and refine the content, in a logical format
  5. I’ll tweak the site until you’re completely happy
  6. I’ll launch it – all going well, within four weeks of our first meeting


Websites designed with

Website development is much more than simply throwing a few web pages together. I'll develop a website that reflects your business with the custom functionality needed to achieve your business requirements. Your website will not just tell people who you are and how to contact you - it will encourage them to stay, offering a meaningful way to interact with your content.


I offer several different packages for website care.

Support doesn't end at the launch of your website. Once your site is up and running I’m still here and ready to help. If you forget how to do something or get stuck, I’m just an email or phone call away. I can help you manage the technical aspects of your site, such as server management. You can also count on me to update your site quickly, so that you can change just as fast as your industry does.


When you host with i4design I take care of the technical nitty-gritty stuff, so you can get on with growing your business. Because I'm responsible for your website, and because you’re a valued client, if it’s hosted by me I will work hard to make sure your website is up-and-running, safe and fast.

All i4design hosted websites run on PHP 7.0+ and have SSL enabled, providing your site with extra speed and security. i4design hosted websites are situated on a managed VPS at NetVirtue – based in Melbourne, Australia. NetVirtue provides excellent service and reliable, ultra-modern, high quality systems and infrastructure. Read more...


Your business website is an investment in the success of your business; just like your house may need to be updated to accommodate a growing family, it’s likely your current website design may no longer be meeting your needs.

Ask yourself these five questions about your current website design:

  • Is your website mobile responsive?
  • Does your website promote and sell your business?
  • Does it reflect your current business and is the information up-to-date and relevant?
  • Do you love your website and are proud to tell people about it?
  • Does your website allow you to connect with new visitors and engage with customers or clients?

If not, then it’s time to consider updating your website with a website redesign and makeover. You’d be surprised what a professional website redesign and tune-up can do for your bottom line!

Click here to view few more examples of websites I've recently re-designed for clients.

For simple sites, answering the questions above may be all it takes to determine how (and if) a website update should proceed. For sites with great scope or complexity, a more in-depth look may be needed.

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