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Just Starting

"I need help from design to development."



Need Changes

"I have a site but I don't like a lot of things about it."



Need Support

"I have a website but it needs monthly upkeep."


Website Design & Development - Pricing

Everyone will need something different, so prices will vary. When pricing a project the technical elements of the build are taken into account, as well as how much expertise, time, dedication, and creativity you need brought to the table. The investment required? Generally between $2000 - $5000.

Websites designed with

Website development is much more than simply throwing a few web pages together. Your website will not just tell people who you are and how to contact you - it will encourage them to stay, offering a meaningful way to interact with your content.


The process begins with in-depth research about your business, your ideal customers, the competition and your industry. The end result is a website that converts visitors into customers.


I craft effective, and visually cohesive designs. I not only create beautiful, fully functional bespoke websites but also ensure they are effective in building trust and brand awareness.


I love to code! Although invisible to users and ignored by most, I know that well written code makes your website stable, secure, SEO friendly and displays well across devices.


The hard work has come to fruition and it's time to show the world! This is where the journey begins. I will always be by your side to support any of your website, hosting and marketing needs.

With solid systems in place you can be assured that getting a new website built by i4design will be a fast, efficient, stress-free process. You won't just be getting a run-of-the-mill website - you'll be getting a modern and professional site that captures the essence of your brand. Your website will always be kept up to date, because you need a site that will morph and change as your business grows. It's time to get off the treadmill of starting over and re-building from scratch every few years.

After you complete the 'Project Application / Website Worksheet' you'll be sent a proposal that includes a firm price quote, as well as a plan for making things better. You won't just receive a list of techie mumbo-jumbo with a price tag. If the math doesn't work out, and the estimated costs outweigh the projected value of your project, I'll either pass on the project or work with you to find a way to balance out that equation. I'm on your side and don't want you to spend money recklessly. I want all clients to net a return-on-investment from working with i4design.

Domains and Website Hosting

Managed hosting (included in the Standard and Premium Plans) is $360 p/annum ($30 per month) plus $40 p/annum p/domain – paid annually in advance. Click here to view detailed information about the i4design server.

Website Hosting is included in the cost of the Standard and Premium Care Plans.

Read more about i4design VPS hosting here... how-great-hosting-makes-your-website-faster

If you'd like your website to achieve speed test results like the ones below, talk to me about hosting with i4design.

Ongoing Support and Website Care

i4design has several options when it comes to looking after your website.

Support doesn't end at the launch. Once your site is up and running I'm still here and ready to help. If you forget how to do something or get stuck, I'm just an email or phone call away. I can help you manage the technical aspects of your site, such as server management. You can also count on me to update your site quickly, so that you can change just as fast as your industry does.

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