Websites for Communities and Associations

Websites for Associations, Clubs and Community Groups

Associations, community groups and clubs typically have a very clear, well-defined audience that they are trying to reach. Your website needs reach that audience, as well as tell your story and have lots of content separated into relevant categories to create a clean, user-friendly layout.

Visitors should easily be able to find what they're looking for, learn about your latest news, join up, and find out what’s going on. It's also important that your site provides up-to-date information and links to your social media pages.

Manage your committees, directory listings, member participation and documents. Create and send targeted emails to committee and sub-committee members. Promote an event, volunteering or fundraising program with registration forms, contacts and event details. After the event display your photos in a special gallery.

Planning to grow your association or club? If so, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. I offer custom integrated website solutions that will ensure your success.

Below are a couple of associations I've recently been privileged to work with.

Associations web elements

  • Overview - About - History - Contact
  • The Committee - Members Directory
  • Events Calendar - Activities - Registrations
  • Newsletters - Blog - Magazines - Mailouts
  • Photo Galleries - Videos - Competitions
  • Links - Sponsors - Donation Form
  • Membership Sign-up Form - Members Area
  • Documents - Reports - Statistics - Meetings
  • Fees - Membership Information - Rules
  • Volunteers Management and Sign-up Form

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